Library Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30am - 3:45pm


                  Mrs. Ogg: Teacher Librarian      Mrs. Christenson: Library Para                   

Students may borrow books from the library during regular school hours. The library is open for all students to return and borrow new books anytime. Students with overdue books cannot borrow new books until those items are returned. Checkout period is up to two weeks and students may renew books as needed in order to finish them.

Please help your child find a special place where his/her book(s) can be kept so that it will not be damaged or lost. If the book is damaged or lost, it is our policy to charge the replacement value of the item. If the book is found, we will reimburse your cost. Please let us know if there has been damage to a book, do not repair them on your own.

Enjoy our awesome freshwater fish tanks as you visit us in the library! These were provided to us by the Harvey Oaks PTO and are taken care of by Mr. Joel Klemm. What a great addition to our fabulous library!