SPED Birth to 3


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Jean Ruchti- jruchti@mpsomaha.org - Birth-3 Special Educator

Christine Bukowski - clbukowski@mpsomaha.org - Speech Pathologist

Kim Bolan- kmbolan@mpsomaha.org - Birth-3 Special Educator

Andrea Parsons- alparsons@mpsomaha.org - Speech Pathologist

 The Birth to Three Program provides early intervention special education services to any family with a child, birth to three years of age, who has a developmental delay according to Nebraska Department of Education Rule 51. Areas of development considered in determining a child's eligibility for services include:

Self-Help: Feeding, toileting and dressing

Cognition: Thinking, problem-solving and concepts

Physical: Health, vision, hearing and nutrition

Communication: Language, speech, conversation and turn taking

Gross and Fine Motor Skills: Walking, grasping and coordination

Social-emotional: Emotions and interactions with others

Early intervention specialists who provide special education services to eligible children and their families may include an audiologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, school psychologist, special education teacher, speech-language pathologist, teacher of the hearing impaired, and a vision consultant.