Site Plan

Harvey Oaks Site Plan

Developed Spring 2014

Strategy 1: We will develop and implement plans so all students will increase their academic performance.

           Action Plan 1: Develop a plan to increase K-5 reading comprehension.


Action Plan 2: Increase learning through a K-5 writing continuum / vertical alignment.


Action Plan 3: Increase learning, through experience and study, by implementing best practices in the area of mathematics.


Action Plan 4: Expand high ability learning opportunities for students and staff.


Strategy 2: We will develop and implement plans to capitalize on the engagement of staff, students, families, and community to meet the academic and social needs of Harvey Oaks.

          Action Plan 1: Enhance the engagement of students at Harvey Oaks.


Action Plan 2: Enhance the engagement of staff at Harvey Oaks.


Action Plan 3: Enhance the engagement of family and community at Harvey Oaks.


Strategy 3: We will implement PBIS and BIST in cooperation with families and community that develop the character traits that reflect positive social behavior and responsible citizenship.

Action Plan 1: We will adopt and implement a school-wide behavior program.